Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Prayers are being heard

We received this email from Chareyl tonight
Dear Hope families,
I just heard from Harry and although the bulk of the email is still somewhat vague, I do have good news that Avrie and Wyclef are ok.
Harry finally talked to Nadia today and this is his quote “I am so happy to hear from Nadia and to know that most of the kids been safe” he says that he is going to go and get them and bring them to the church so he can take care of them. He said that he has Fabrice and Schnider with him, I don’t know if he has had them with him or if he just got them. But either way we know for sure that they are ok and with Harry. I sent Harry a list of all the kids,
I asked him to please go get them all if possible, and then to give me a check mark by every child and tell me how they are.
I will let you know, I am hoping that he will have them or at least see them all tomorrow.
Keep praying! Chareyl

We are so Happy to hear about Fabrice here we keep thinking how busy he probally is not only takeing care of himself but the kids he was with.

On our last trip on the last night we always had a pizza party, well when it was getting to be time to go back to our room we noticed Fabrice going around and collecting the left overs and the few slices that had not been eaten and then asked Harry if he could take them back to his friends at the orphange. WOW it had never accured to anyone to do that we all ways gave it to the Hotel staff. Fabrice is so thoughtful towards all the kids. we just love him.
Please keep praying for more good news and for the country of Haiti.


  1. What a blessing! I am soo happy that Fabrice is safe!!! Many Miracles are happening! We will keep praying! :) ~mare

  2. One of my favorite moments on our trip to Haiti in October was seeing Fabrice collecting the pizza scraps for the other kids at the orphanage! I always talk about it when I tell people about Haiti. He is an amazing young man with an amazing heart, and I am so relieved to hear that he is safe and with Harry. PLease know that your family is in my prayers! -Tiffany (Bambi's sister)