Monday, August 3, 2009

Just missing you guys

I love these pictures of Dave and the kids (see Honey Nerlande does love you) If you guys have talked to Dave They have a love and Hate relationship,but always when its time to leave Haiti she is warming up to Dave maybe this time when we go it will be better for them sooner:)


  1. Awww soooo sweet. Yeah but Dave started off on the wrong foot with her just by blinking too much. Who knew? LOL For sure both those kiddos love you guys soooo very much. What a beautiful difference you have made in their lives and viceversa. ;0) Such cute pictures. I miss them all very much! With love, ~Mare

  2. Cute pictures :) Can't wait until rumors of a parent trip so we can start counting down the days until we see them again. Missing them too !