Monday, August 17, 2009

August up-dates

Nerlande is doing well and seems healthy,they say she plays with Yonelson.
she looks cute as ever we love the up-dates but they also make you sad because they all ways look a little bit older.
Yonelson is doing great,. His emotional state seems to be improving since January 2009. Yonelson seems to interact with other children at orphanage and at times can be observed smiling.
we can almost see a smile in this picture. We are glad that the up-date picture of the kids we have read about so far are looking very healthy looks like the donations we are taking down seems to be helping .Thank you to all that have donated and help the O!!
I can not wait to go back in October,they say the teacher has been coming every week in July and some of the kids are saying stuff in English.
we miss you guys !! love you so much Mom&Dad


  1. They both look wonderful! It's true they do look a little older. Every time I go back it also seems like they shrink back... they are all so small. We can not wait for October as well.We are half way there ;0) Great big hug, ~Mare

  2. Glad to see & hear they are doing well :) Come on October ! Can't wait to see everyone again.