Sunday, August 23, 2009

UGH....This week has been

This week has been a hard one emotionally, I have been thinking about the kids alot and missing them. I hope all our phone calls and letter writing will at least get people to notice the system and see that it's not helping any one and these are people life's and something needs to change to speed up and get the kids home to a loving family.
well Hopefully we will hear when the upcoming trip is, We can not wait to hug the kids again and see that they are doing fine.
we miss you guys so much.

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  1. I am so sorry. We too are hoping that our letters and phone calls will help speed this process along for everyone. We need our children home with us! We are really missing the kids as well and counting down the days until our next trip. With school starting back up it brings us closer to Haiti. Hang in there, we will be back with them soon. I love the cute pics of the kids. Great big hug. With love, ~ Mare