Saturday, August 1, 2009

You need to change this

IBSER asked us to redo some paper work It makes you feel somewhat good that they must be looking at your file but then you have to go back and change papers and get it notarized and then have to take it to the capitol and send it back to Haiti...But at least they are looking at the papers.

We have been busy with helping Dave's little brother with starting his own clothing company and next week we are traveling to Ohio for a show. He is doing so much better since his accident last Oct. we are so proud of the way he has worked hard, plus we have been trying to start with the school shopping since my kids start school in 19 days. I am a little sad that the kids will be going back to school I love having them around. It just doesn't feel like fall should just be right around the corner.


  1. Hey have a great trip to the big state of O-H-I-O ! Congrats on some activity of paperwork.You're right, if they asked you to redo something atleast you know they are actively looking at it :)

  2. We feel your pain on the paperwork :)