Monday, August 10, 2009

WOW 14

Wow it just doesn't feel like we have been married that long today is mine and Dave's anniversary. This time last year we just did not know how much life would change we started talking about adopting and we started doing research on different country's and programs, then we had a few family trips and then Dave's little brother got hurt in the beginning of Oct. so we had to fly out to Pennsylvania then we where finally able to get him flown home on a med airplane to IHC Hospital in Murray,Utah. so while Dave was visiting his brother I had gone back to Wasatch web page of waiting children in Haiti and thats when I saw the picture that changed our family's alot has changed in a year we have had great times and bad times but i feel so blessed to share all this time with my best friend and eternity partner. I love you beyond words and look forward to more ups and downs for years to come.


  1. Wow, Happy Anniversary to you two! It has been an one big hectic year for you guys. It's very special seeing how each new step brings new growth for all of you. You guys are wonderful! Keep moving forward. Great big hug, ~mare