Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can not wait until

I can not wait until Nerlande,and Yonelson come home so we can take them up to our beautiful Mountains and roast some Hot dogs and toast marshmallows and make some smore's. I know they will love the hot dogs because when we are in Haiti having Haitian spaghetti they love to pick out the hot dog pieces and eat them. when we do family things like this I really miss them but then I think how exciting it will be to show them all this stuff when we get them home.


  1. They will have a lot of " firsts " to enjoy with their family :)Hey noticed your birthparent interview is same day as ours. We'll be praying for you . Fingers crossed !

  2. I agree! It will be so wonderful when they are home with you guys for every little thing. We are praying for your paprwork to keep moving forward and for all the children to be home asap. ;0) ~mare