Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaleb

Wow Kaleb you are now 12 I hope you had a great birthday Yesterday!! You are so kind and thoughtful.I love how you like to listen to stories from both of your grandmas and grandpas.

You are always looking out for everyone in your family and I loved how when you heard that Yonelson did not have any family to help take care of him you wanted to be his big brother. We love you and here is a birthday song for you all the way from Haiti.

I can not wait for you to meet your Brother and Sister.


  1. Happy Birthday Kaleb ! What a cute video :) Love the goggles !

  2. Happy Birthday Kaleb you are such a sweet guy! Hey is that Abie that I hear singing too? We love you guys~Mare & Pete

  3. Cute! The goggles are too funny! Happy Birthday Kaleb

  4. No just Yonelson and Nerlande sining Happy Birthday