Monday, July 27, 2009

Lets start the season

We officially start football season for our son Kaleb. He would play football all year round if he could. we where going to have this season off but he just could not do it. he has had some bone growth that make his legs turn to much in and it does cause him pain when he runs and walks to much last year we spent Thanksgiving up at primary children's Hospital and we are scheduled for the same this year,but he is a tough boy and we love to watch him play football. so here we go for a lot of practice and games I hope it doesn't get real cold until the season is over.

But I also look at it that it will keep me busy while we wait for any news on the Adoption and waiting to travel to Haiti again to see them. Today is a waiting to hear day Yonelson and Nerlande Birth parents Interview with Ibeser so the both can be declared Orphans.
so hopefully we will hear something soon.

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