Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wow he has come out

Wow Yonelson has sure changed on our first trip and when we first met Yonelson he was very sick they took him to the hospital right after meeting him at the Orphanage . On this trip he had gained weight and looked real good. he was all ways smiling he sure loved watching soccer and playing it. Him and Nerlande got along really good they loved to sing together that was our wake up every morning.  My heart just fills up every time I see his beautiful smile. Wow Yonelson you made our trip so good to see you Happy!!! We love you...Mom&Dad and Family


  1. I heard them singing a couple times. It was so cute:) Glad he was feeling great this trip !

  2. What a sweet way to start your day! They both are so adorable. ~Mare