Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Kolbie!!

Today my oldest son turned 14 wow I can not believe how fast you grew up. when you first where born I thought you would never quite crying now you just keep growing taller and are looking so old. but you are such a great young man with a great personality and you never go against what you know to be the right choices. Me and Dad are so proud to call you are son.we hope you have a great birthday!! we love you ...


  1. Happy birthday kolbie ! Have a great day:)

  2. Happy Birthday Kolbie!
    We were thinking of you guys this weekend. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating together. Yes, Kolbie is such a nice youngman. You guys are such great parents! I am so glad that he will be attening this trip to Haiti with you two. We will have a fun time together! We love you guys! ~ Pete and Mare