Monday, June 1, 2009


 Inflammatory bowel disease is on the rise in North America. Some experts believe improved sanitation and hygiene may play a role, that theory is leading some patients to get down and dirty with a parasite. More and more adults are trying worms--not as a dare--but as treatment for life threatening diseases.

Musician Scott Richards hit rock bottom with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn's; a disease that causes intestines to swell and empty frequently. "It's serious pain, excruciating pain," he said. Debora was also diagnosed with Crohn's. She said, "You'd go to the bathroom, and the toilet would be filled with blood, and the pain would be so severe that I'd just be sobbing."

He says Crohn's is a destructive immune disorder. He explained, "Your body's immune system is over-reactive or hyper-reactive to things in the environment--most importantly to bacteria that are in your bowel--and you have a reaction that ultimately damages the bowel."

There's no cure for Crohn's. Medications can keep things at bay, but can have serious side effects or even stop working.

Debora said, "You get to the point that there's nothing to do to help you. There's no medicine left that works, and all you have to do is suffer, every day and night for years straight."

Scott and Debora felt hopeless until hookworms came into their lives. The parasite is common in undeveloped countries' places where inflammatory bowel disease is rare. In the U.S., thanks to advances in sanitation, hookworms are rare but immune disorders on the rise. Is there a connection?

Terdiman said, "As we have made things more hygienic, we may in fact be precipitating an outbreak or an increase in the frequency of these immune disorders."

Studies suggest the presence of hookworms in the human gut may be beneficial, secreting a chemical that turns off an overactive immune response to fight their disease.

Scott and Debora signed up to get infected with the parasites.

So one good thing our kids are able to get this parasite for no cost that some americans are paying alot of money for.

It is now June!!! only 12 more days We can not wait to see our kids and all of you guys real soon!!

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