Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Haiti?

Well lots of people wonder why we chose Haiti,well me and Dave talked allot about adopting because we have always felt that our family was not complete. so of course I spent time on the computer considering all of the options and looking at the foster care and looking at all the different country's.Then one day I came up on Wasatch Adoptions site and clicked on waiting children list and I said to myself thats my Daughter when I saw Nerlande picture.I showed the picture to Dave and now we are on our way to learning all we can about Haiti and Hoping that time goes real fast so our kids will be home soon.Then everyone wonders how we went from 1 child to 2? well why we where starting the process we would log on to Wasatch site to show our friends and family Nerlands picture and Dave could not get yonelson of his mind so we asked about yonelson and when we learned more we knew he was meant to be part of our family. We know we were meant to adopt from this country and we are glad to help these kids in Haiti and try to remember that we might not be able to solve everything in this country but we can give some of these kids some hope and nourishment. we pray that some day this country will be a peaceful place where kids and adults well not starve to death and fill peace in their life.


  1. Were are there with you trying to complete our parent manual, learning about Haiti and dreaming of bringing our little girl home SOON !Thank you for the story of how you ended up adopting from Haiti.Very cool!

  2. What a great story thanks for sharing.

  3. That is such a sweet post. We both came to our family the same way, the WIAA waiting picture list. They are all so beautiful. Loved hearing your story. Thank you. Have an nice weekend. ~Mare