Monday, March 9, 2009

Handsome guy

I was sitting here today thinking of our handsome guy Yonelson.I am hoping that he is still doing well and hopefully he has been able to eat some food and gain some weight when we where down in January he weighed 27 pounds which is less then most 2 yrs old. Our oldest boy is going to travel with us on this next trip and he is hoping to be able to spend some time playing with Yonelson and getting to see some of his personality. we need to remember to bring some sunglasses,Aaron let Yonelson wear his and Yonelson did not want to take them off.Thanks Aaron for letting Yonelson weaar them that day. plus we need to remember to buy him a watch one of the kids had one and they had taken it off to swim and Yonelson put it on and then he had a hard time taking it off. well we cant wait to see you and see that you are feeling way better.We love you Yonelson and we pray for you ever day that you are staying healthy. we will see you soon. Love you Mom&Dad


  1. Yonelson's looking pretty cool in those shades!

  2. I'm excited your son is coming with you. I think that's a fabulous opportunity for both of them!