Monday, March 30, 2009

Where is spring?

Well it is one day away from April and we are still getting snow!! It took me one hour to get the kids to school today they go to school in Saratoga springs which is maybe 15 minutes at the most away from us but not today one hour...well I can not wait until it is 70 degree and no snow.But i guess spring came in like a lamb and it is going out like a lion,but it can now leave.


  1. WOW I won't complain about the rain, that is no fun to have that much snow at the end of March. I'm by next week it will be 70 and sunny!

  2. Yes, very thankful for the moisture, but we are very ready for all the warmth and beauty that comes with spring. It will be here soon! ~ Mare

  3. WOW, look at that snow ! I've heard spring has sprung, but I'm wondering where :) Hoping you all thaw out and burst into spring !