Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Things are hard to believe

So It has been awhile since I last posted anything,well we have been dealing with some personal things that are very hard to believe since the main person is my Mother.
when we started the adoption process she was not very happy with our country of choice,and with all the news press and the story that they ran yesterday it has finally came to a Head, she did not like that people where going to see that her daughter had adopted 3 Haitian kids. Yes I know it shocking I have been trying to figure out how people can be like this. Well on to better things we had taken our family to our first MLS Soccer game last week our kids had so much fun and I have become a fan of soccer it was a blast!!


  1. The kids look great. We are coming up in July for FOyer reunion ( the other O that my other 3 children are from.) It would be great to see yours in real life again.

    Sorry about your mother. Hopefully one day she will see what she is missing.

  2. What a fun family even! Everyone was smiling from ear to ear! So glad that you were able to do that! We gotta love that Soccer, especially since Fabrice will be playing it professionally one day!:0) Not long now and school will be out for the summer! Yippee! We love you guys!

    I am so sorry about your mom. I pray that her heart will be softened... so that she can see all of your children for who they truly are "beautiful pearls of great price". Also, so that she will not miss out on priceless time and experiences with your amazing family. Bless your hearts!!!

  3. we LOVE soccer too ! How fun :) would love to see Fabrice play someday !!
    We will pray for God to open your mom's heart. Our children are so amazing & wonderful. A great misfortune to miss out on !!!!