Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's cook

WOW can you believe that it has been 3 months that our sweet kids have been home.
We have been to ton's of doctors Appt. I have learned alot about bugs that live in Haiti.
It has been so fun to see how well each kid is adjusting and to learn what they love and like and what they do not like. They each are learning ton's of English,Fabrice is still Holding onto his Kreyol. Nerlande and Yonelson both love to cook and help with dinner wich is so fun.
Our older kids love playing and Jumping on the jumpoline with the little ones are family has really come together and it feels so right.
Today we woke up Bright and Earler to go on B98.7 to talk about our Yard sale coming up on Saturday and to have them meet Nerlande and yonelson and Fabrice. The radio sation has been so Helpful and supportive with the non-Profit and they where always calling us to give us Information about group's that had traveled to Port au price after the earthquake had hit, and we still where waiting on word about our kids. 
They are two really neat people and I feel very blessed to know them and call them our friend.

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