Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A busy weekend

This  last weekend was a busy one,On Saturday we had our yearly yard sale with B98.7 they where very kind and had donated the booth fee to our Orphanage.
We had to leave a little bit early because our competion soccer team was having tryouts and Fabrice was very excited to go play soccer. He is so good at soccer that he does not have to do the 3 tryouts that they require. the head coach came over to me at the end of the tryouts to talk about what a super star he is and to hear fabrices whole story.
We are so proud of him!
Then on sunday we had a very nice Mothers day Fabrice gave me a letter he worte in school with a drawing and Dave and the kids gave me very nice patio umberlla so we can sit under some shade when we are out back.
But it was just a great weekend having the kids home and here sharing all the good times.


  1. love the pictures and Fabrice is awesome can't wait to hear about his even more awesome soccer skills!