Saturday, March 6, 2010

He Loves the pool!

Our kids Had the day off on Friday so we took the kids to the pool. We had told them the night before we where going to go swimming they where so excited,but then that night it ended up snowing and so when Fabrice woke up and looked outside he was so worried that we would not be able to go swimming we tried to tell him that the pool was in a building.
Fabrice was so cute when we got there he just ran to the water and fell in.
We loved that little Yonelson just loved the pool,we where not sure if he would since everytime we went to Haiti he would get his suit on but not really get in the pool. But don't worry he loves the pool he was the one that cried the loudest when we had to leave. They are doing so good their hair is growing so fast there stomach is getting flatter and they are picking up on english and we also have found away to talk with each other. I love that when Dave comes Home from work they all run to the door to Hug him,It just feels so right to have them Home with us.


  1. Funny about the snow! It is so nice to see all the kids adjusting so well!

  2. Awesome :) I know that makes Adam's day as well !