Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awe Spring

Today was great it feels like Spring might be finally Here. so what Better then to go out to our great Back yard and swing and climb on the Playset. We always wondered why we put in a Playset in our back yard when all of our kids at the time where way to grownup for it. well last November we finally figured it out when we started this Adoption process. It feels so good to see the three little kids with Huge smiles on there face as they swing and climb and play soccer.


  1. I love your swing set ! & awesome view from the back yard ! Glad you are able to get out enjoy the back yard . Ours is still a little too Muddy.So we are wearing out the front yard :)

  2. I love seeing things like this, everyone together here in Utah. Sometimes it still feels like a dream, a wonderful one. :) ~Mare

  3. They look so happy, wish I had that swing set!