Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a blessing!!

Before and After having FMSC



• Each FMSC meal provides the key nutrients       

 a starving child needs to survive and thrive: 


1.  - the most widely accepted grain around the world 

Extruded soy nuggets 

2.  - maximum protein at a low cost 

20 vitamins and minerals 

3.  (with vegetarian chicken fl avor) - nutrition & fl avor 

Dehydrated vegetables 

4.  - nutrition & fl avor 


• Just cook with boiling water. 


• Each meal costs only 17 cents to produce. 


  WOW, I am so thankful for the guy who took a trip to Honduras and was so touched by what he saw and went back home to figure out how to save starving children. Plus I am so thankful for all the volunteers that take time out to go and pack these wonderful boxes of rice. Me and Dave have been talking about what a blessing god has given us through this adoption journey,we have all ways said we are not sure way we are traveling the road we are on. but when I saw Nerlande picture I knew she was mine, now we believe it is also a greater cause to help the country of Haiti and all those kids in the orphanage that right know they do not have a forever family but hopefully will. We where shocked how much $20.00 can help a family in Haiti,and wow It makes you think! Well again thank you to all these people that help feed thousands of kids and family's in 3rd world country's.
























































































  1. Love your new blog back round ! I remember looking at the pictures from kids from Hope for Litle Angels of Haiti before and after recieving this rice from FMSC. It made a great nutritional difference for them in a short time. Can't wait to see them soon :)

  2. No doubt in my mind that this rice has saved lives at our little O. It's been the most effective thing we've been able to help with so far.

    And I'm so excited we're taking so much more down this trip!

  3. The first year there was so much bad news...little ones sick and passing away. Jordan was in the hospital right before we came to visit the first time...my heart sunk. Since we have been brining down this rice...knock on wood...all the kids seem to be doing very well. Plus, the first time to the hotel eating was like a bad dream...the kids were runing from one plate to the next...it was such a big deal. After that... there is some form of order... they are used to at least a meal a day, they are no longer starving. I am soooo thankful for this food! ;0) WHAT A BLESSING! ~Mare