Monday, May 11, 2009

Counting down to the mixed emotions trip

We are now counting down the days until we will be in Haiti with our kids. we where talking to the family about the upcoming trip and how it is getting exciting to be so close to leaving but how hard it is to go there and be with them then having to leave them there and try to come home go back to our normal life knowing in the back of your mind that they are there in the heat with somewhat good food that we will bring on this trip.but then there is the upcoming hurricanes season the disease that this nation has the life they live at the orphanage which is normal for them but you know what life they really should have as a it really is alot of emotions for a trip and to come home to.I feel very blessed to be going through it and to bring my two kids home that I know with all my heart are meant to be in our family its just alot some days to take in and really alot to come home after to think about and pray that they will be fine until we go back in a few months and do it all over again.But you guys are so worth it. We love you Yonelson and Nerlande!!

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  1. Yes, it's very true, they are sooooo worth it!! What a very true and very sweet post. Lot's of trust in the Lord, lots of hope for change and tomorrow makes 30 days... that sounds doable! ;0) Great big hug, ~Mare