Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Awsome Aunt!

We are big fans of BYU Football! when my sister in law found out one of her co workers was engaged to Fui Vakapuna she asked if he would come and meet our kids. Well Today was the big day for our boys. They where so star struck that when he walked into Dave's office they where so shy. It was cute. He was so nice and he brought something for each kid. we wish him the best with his NFL career. I know we will stay updated on it because our son keeps track of all the BYU football players and all the teams the play for.How many 11 yr olds watch the NFL football Draft and can tell you what draft they went in. Thank you again Eli it will be a day they all ways remember. You are awesome!

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  1. Very Cool ! Definitely a day they will remember :)