Friday, January 30, 2009

First Meeting

Its kinda hard to explain the feelings I went through as we pulled through the thick metal gates into the orphanage. We had just finished driving through living conditions I had never imagined and that pictures will never ever do justice to.

As we got out of the van kids ran in every direction to meet their adopting parents and the love and excitement on their faces was obvious. We kind of held back and waited our turn to meet Nerlande and Yonelson eagerly waiting their arrival. Candi and Nerlande hit it off from the first moment and she has been hooked to her hip since. It is amazing how similar her personality is to Paytons we just know they will be great friends and wonderful sisters. After Nerlande came out we were left waiting for Yonelson for nearly 20 minutes. Everybody at the orphanage kept telling us that he was just getting changed but you could tell something was wrong. Finally they brought him out and let us know that he was very sick and they were taking him to the hospital. We got to spend about 20 minutes holding him and were shocked by how tiny he is. He had an extremely high fever and obviously was not feeling well. We enjoyed our time together then hopped back in the van to take Nerlande to the hotel, we hope to see Yonelson tomorrow and our prayers are with him.


  1. Cute kids. In third world countries, the kids always melted my heart. They are so innocent when it comes to their circumstances.


  2. It was great to meet the both of you sorry we didn't get a chance to visit more...there is always next time. send me your email and I will send the pictures I have to you! mine is

  3. Hi David and Candice,

    I hope you are adjusting well to being home. I think life moving on is a blessing to help us adjust to being home again but I'm still aching for Haiti, it was very hard to leave.

    Everything was a blur when we met up with our children, so I really enjoyed reading your first meeting with Nerlande and Yonelson.

    I'm so happy that Yonelson didn't have to stay in the hospital too long and was able to spend time with his family and all of us. They both are such sweethearts.

    I really pray that every trip will be more and more like that for you guys. I also pray that the paperwork does take that turn were all hoping for and that Nerlande and Yonelson will be home very soon!

    I do have to share one thing with you and that is that Haiti has a way of changing you for the better, forever. With love~ Mare

  4. My husband Aaron thinks highly of both of you. I am sorry I missed out on this trip. I have a special love for little Yonelson and I am thrilled he has a family.