Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow Together In America!!

This last Wed. we had a little get together. One of the Family from our Hope group was coming into town so we had a little get together so the kids could visit each other.
The whole night it was hard not to smile for several reasons first the kids where home and safe second to see special things like Brent and Lori where holding there Baby Boy! Third to see how God works to Bring together family Like Tia and collin and Shreree and J.T. and Darlene  fourth to see how well Avery looks after seeing her so sick in Haiti.  Five to see how we all are family no matter how our family is put together Pete and Marilee.
And last but not lest Thank you Team Hope that went to Haiti to bring our Babies Home. We could never Thank you enough.
Oh yeah we need to do a Big get together so we can see all the other kids :) Lets plan something!

Hope will always be in our Heart and so will Haiti


  1. We would love that and know that Changlais and Schneider would be thrilled. Changlais lights up every time he see's updated pictures. He probably say's Fabrice's name 30 times when he see's his picture.

  2. Thanks again Candice for organizing the get together, it was great to see all the kids home with their families and to visit with everyone, it was worth the 2000 miles round trip!

  3. We would love that too ! I just had a dream last night about getting together with everyone:) We miss everyone. Love the new family pick ! Everyone looks GREAT !

  4. Thanks for organizing that Candice! Collin had a blast and by the end of the night, he could actually climb up the slide without Nerlande and Peyton's help! They were so cute with him!

  5. Thank you Candice for organizing the evening. It was extremely thoughtful of you! We had a wonderful time! I too was filled with gratitude seeing so many of our hope families holding and loving their babies and for everyone involved in brining them home. Thank you Candice! Looking very forward to the next time.:) ~ Mare